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Heart-based Coaching (HBC) for Individuals.                                                                                                          

Individual Life Coaching

Limitbusters Coaching & Training, Inc. (LCT) is one of the pioneers of the coaching movement since 1997. Limitbusters Coaches are called Heart-based Coaches or HBC. Heart-based Coaches are using a Heart-based Coaching Model to empower and transform the life that a client wants to have.

Heart-based Coaches are trained from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and Limitbusters Coaching & Training, Inc. (LCT). All Heart-based Coaches follow the guidelines of the International Coach Federation (ICF).


~ supports you in making your dream come true

~ is your own Personal Life Coach

~is your co-active collaborator in the lifelong process of learning, effectiveness, and fulfillment

~ is fun, experienced, and your trusted friend

• What is Individual Coaching?
Individual Coaching is done one-on-one over the phone, Skype or Zoom, or in- person. Sessions are 3 or 4X per month and each session is 30 to 45 minutes.

• Who do we Coach?
We coach college students, ADHD, parents, and teachers.

• What is Coaching?
Coaching comes from the word coach. A coach is a large horse drawn carriage used for transportation. That means that coaching is a tool that gets clients from where they are at the moment to where they want to go next.

• What is our style of coaching?
Limitbusters Coaching & Training, Inc. (LCT) uses Heart-based Coaching (HBC). It is a personal and powerful relationship between the client and the coach, focused on having, doing, and being what and who the client wants to be in life. A Heart-based Coach provides a simple, yet effective structure of support to assist the client in moving forward in significant areas of his/her life: Business/Career, Money, Health, Friends & Family, Romance, Personal Growth, Fun and Recreation, and Physical Environment.

• What is the history of Coaching?
In the mid 1970’s, the personal growth movement sprung to life. In the mid 80's, coaching arose out of that personal growth movement. Motivational Coaches reinforced the learning gained in these courses. As the personal growth movement continued to grow so did the concept of coaching.The name life coaching

didn’t appear until the early 1990’s. During this period, professional coaching organizations created standards, practices, ethical guidelines, and credentialing specific to life and executive coaching. By the late 1990’s, the corporate world started to see the benefits that both internal and external coaches could provide  empowerment and productivity to employees. From 2000 on, coaching became a well-defined profession, distinct from consulting, counseling, therapy and many other professions.

• What is our style of Coaching?

We use Heart-based Coaching, refers to the fundamental nature of a coaching relationship in which the coach and the client are active collaborators. We form a powerful alliance designed to forward and enhance the lifelong process of the client’s learning, effectiveness, and fulfillment.


My HBC is an incredible coach. She exudes positivity. Her insights are very original and her coaching style reflects this. She's reliably supportive, organized, and open hearted. Carlyne does something special and has me very aligned with my core values . Her coaching is transformative.

~ Elizabeth Kouri (Actress)

Limitbusters Coach has a natural ability to connect with people and has all the elements of what a coach should be. She is compassionate, caring, and non-judgmental. When Carlyne coached me she was very sympathetic. I was able to restructure and focus on my life goals and open up about significant events in my life. I learned a lot about myself while coaching with Carlyne.

~ Cecilia Frances (Social Worker)

My HBC has an incredible ability to connect with people. She is patient and totally committed to me. She has lead me through experiences that have resulted in great breakthroughs and realizations. She has provided me with an environment that was inviting. I would recommend Heart-based Coaches to anyone who is looking for fulfillment, clarity, balance or a new perspective on what you can get out of your life.

~ Shae Frichette (Corporate Trainer/Coach)

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Other Professions
 Heart-based Coaches (HBC)
Consultants come in and assess the situation then they tell you what to do. They focus on solving and fixing the problem.
Heart-based Coaches  believe that our clients are “naturally creative resourceful and whole.” This means that our job is to ask questions that will support clients access their own unique answers to the questions that they currently have.

Therapists or Psychoanalysts deal with the issues from a person’s childhood so that they can move on to the present. They diagnose, treat patients and they practice therapeutic techniques.

Heart-based Coaches are not therapists and we do not diagnose or treat people for mental illness. Both coach and client are peers and are responsible for the success of the relationship.

Counselors counsel students, identify and address what affect students’ learning and assist them in choosing their careers.
Heart-based Coaches never counsel. We don’t concentrate on their disabilities rather we work together on things that they do better in life.
Teachers tell students what to do and teach them the subject that they are knowledgeable based from the books and their experience.

Heart-based Coaches see the potential of our Coachee. Both of us are partners in designing what he/she wants to work on. We follow their agenda.

Mentors have a lot of experience in their field. Their Mentee seeks advice and guidance from them.

Heart-based Coaches does not need to know everything about the client’s life or work. The Coach believes that the client will have a magnificent way of designing her own life. The Coach and the Coachee are in the same level.