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We are delighted you chose Heart-Based Coaching (HBC) as your Coaching community. Our unique approach, centered around the heart, sets us apart. We are committed to making your Coaching Journey a transformative and enriching experience.


You are our third batch since we launched our HBC program online in 2021. We humbly say, "We are still on our learning curve!" You are significantly contributing to the formation of our HBC community, and we will be with you every step of the way. With that, we are grateful.


We are thrilled to have you in our Online Fast Track Life Coaching Certification using the HBC program!

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  • An Orientation is set before the start of your HBC Certification. It will familiarize you with the task you will participate in for a few months or about seven weekends.


  • The HBC Program has the ALIMA Model, the foundation of your Coaching Practice. There will be seven modules or seven online Sessions on the weekends, each lasting four hours.

  • You will receive three individual Mentorships and 7 group Mentorship for the program.

  • HBC Module - E-Handbook, E-Tools, and other Coaching Practice Materials are available online 24/7.

  • Rest assured, our HBC support is available during and after the program. We are here to guide you every step of your coaching journey.



  • You will become an integral part of our HBC Thriving community. We gather on Zoom once a month for two hours, where a Guest Speaker from different parts of communities or countries will share their Coaching Perspectives. It is also a space for us to practice your HBC Skills, ensuring you are fully prepared to offer your Individual Coaching Practice, embody Coaching in your Personal life, or integrate it into your existing work. You will also have the support of your HBC Pod Mates after the HBC Monthly call, fostering a sense of connection and camaraderie.

  • We will celebrate your personal and professional Coaching progress. We'll ensure that your coaching credentials are available online.

  • Limitbusters Coaching & Training (LCT) admin will support you in your Coaching Practice journey.



We dream you live up to your values, embody HBC in your personal and professional growth, and serve your local community.


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