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A Heart-based Coaching Journey is an interactive online fun workshop tailor-made for adults and parents who want to empower their children, family members, colleagues, and community by learning coaching skills.

What you'll learn?
Coaching, Communication & Leadership Skills

Proudly following & upholding the tenet of
The International Coaching Federation (ICF)


Are you curious or passionate about Coaching?

Are you looking for a new career?

A few Questions to ask yourself before getting Started.

Do you want to learn Coaching Skills or become a Certified CoacH

Do you value fun and experiential learning?

If you answer one or more inquiries, register now for a One-hour Complimentary Coaching Introduction.

Welcome! We've created this interactive class for you!

The Heart-Based Coaching (HBC) program has seven (7) modules:

One module per week. The duration of each session is 4 hours.

module 1
module 2
module 3
module 4
module 5
module 6
module 7

Week One Starts with an overview of what H.B.C. is. We'll guide you through the steps of our program and work to ensure that you understand the value it will provide.


From A to Z we'll walk you through the skills you need to be a rockstar Coach.

Week Two will focus on A.P.Q., Asking Powerful Questions. 

We'll teach you the skillset to ask powerful open-ended questions to support your clients t open up and share their thoughts. 

In Week Three we'll dive into the powerful skill of Listening. 

We'll spend our time examining three types of Listening, which include...


Heart-based, and


Week Four will focus on Intuition one of the cornerstones of H.B.C. 


Understanding and acting on your Intuition is critical to adequately supporting and honoring your clients.

Week Five introduces you to the critical skill of Mindfulness. 

Just as no two people who are identical in every way, there is no one way to coach. Every moment with your client matters; understanding and practicing mindful skills are critical to coaching. 

Week Six focuses on the final piece of the puzzle. 


This crucial skill will emphasize the engine of coaching. It is the essence of all human beings and the final step to mastering Coaching.

Week Seven will wrap up and review every aspect of H.B.C. skills.

You'll have learned how to imply the A.L.I.M.A model and be armed with necessary tools to coach your clients. 

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Asking powerful questions









Copy of ALIMA Method Definition_edited.p

Discover the ALIMA model. Attend our Introduction Workshop, experience the joy of empowering yourself, your children, partners, family members, neighbors, colleagues, and your communities, and learning coaching skills.


Still, trying to figure it out? Talk to one of our Heart-Based Coaches now.

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Welcome we'll teach you the Skills you need to become a Certified Heart-Based Coach


Understanding Your passion: You love people - connecting, communicating, understanding, and empowering others. You desire to be of service to others, including your loved ones or neighbors, and offer Individual Coaching to parents, students, and teachers. You want to grow emotionally and mentally as a human being.

step 1
step 2
step 3
step 4
step 5
step 6

Register: Pick the best time for you we offer classes conveniently on Wednesdays or Saturdays.

HBC Program: Attend your first orientation. Come prepared with all the questions you have.

Commitment: On-training requires hard work, practice, and working through more than just your 4-hour-a-week class. Off-training involves connecting to fellow HBC, practicing your coaching skills, and completing the required assignments. 

HBC Guest: Understanding perspectives is critical, and that's why we host a 1-hour-a-week session with a industry leading life Coach.

Mentorship Call: Collaboration is critical to success, that's why we recommend keeping in touch with your mentor throughout the program. 

step 7

Fun Class: Enjoy learning HBC through an interactive online class, meeting people from other parts of the world, and being in a supportive and loving community! The HBC skills you practice using the ALIMA Model will make you a conscious human being, and your impact on others will be contagious! Imagine if you also offered your empowerment coaching service to others!

With that, congratulations to you for making our world a better place to live, 
because you are indeed a HEART-BASED COACH!

HBC Calendar 2023


3:00 PM- 7:00 PM  PST

February 22

March 1, 8, 15, 22, & 29

April 5


9:00 AM- 1:00 PM  PST

February 25

March 4,11, 18, & 25

April 1 & 8

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