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The Coaching Perspective OC Talk Radio
Host Doug Gfeller interviewed Eric Kohner about Team Coaching Zone
Highly Recommended
~ Co-active Coaching by Whitworth, Kimsey-House, Sandahl        ~ Coaching for Performance by Whitmore
~ Driven To Distraction by Hallowell, Ratey                                     ~ The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Covey
~ The Zen of Groups by Hunter, Bailey, Tailor                                 ~ The Tipping Point by Gladwell
~ It Takes a Village by Clinton                                                          ~ True Parenting by Hayward
~ Hillel, If Not Now, When? by Telushkin                                         ~ Jesus CEO by Jones
~ True Love by Thick Nhat Hahn                                                     ~ The Sacred Tree by Bopp
~ The Path by Jones                                                                        ~ Intuitive Living by Seale 
~ Hinduism by Pandey                                                                     ~ 10,000 Dreams Explained by Ball                                          
                                                        ~ Coaching for High Performance by Davies                                  ~ Coaching Agile Teams by Highsmith, Cohn
                                                        ~ Lefties by Fincher                                                                         ~ A Whole New Mind by Pink   
                                                        ~ No Acting Please by Morris, Hotchkis                                           ~ The Fifth  Discipline by Senge      
                                                        ~ Coaching That Counts by Anderson                                             ~ Coaching Across Cultures by Rosinski    
                                                        ~ How to Talk So Kids Will Listen by Faber & Mazlish                     ~ Beginnings and Beyond by Gordon, Browne                                                           

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