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The hbc journey program

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HBC Regstration

2023 HBC Class Testimonials

I wanted to be a Clinical Psychologist but my father passed away shortly after I started class working towards my MA and PhD in Clinical Psychologist. I withdrew but always wanted to go back to reach this goal. However my passion in this work is working with the whole person. HBC has added to my skillset and allowed me to tap into my natural abilities to be a Heart Based Life Coach. ♥️


I am now more skilled in not just communicating but listening. Being curious when asking powerful questions and all that I have learned in this journey. I believe that this is part of my path and is in alignment with my purpose on this earth. It has improved my relationships that had been strained. I shifted my perspective and in conversations used the HBC tools. This unlocked so many elements of healing. I was able to be in a place where I could actually listen and I heard beyond what words shared. I was able to let go of years of hurt resentment and heal generational trauma. HBC is a way of life... my way of life. I can't wait to see where this opportunity takes me in coaching and how impactful I aim to be with my clients and community.

- Mianta McKnight

Heart-Based Coaching (HBC) Journey は、保護者やその他の大人を対象としたインタラクティブなオンライン ワークショップです。このコースは、国際コーチング連盟 (ICF) の信条を支持しています。

What you’ll learn?

Coaching, Communication, Leadership, and Parenting Skills 


Learning HBC involves cultivating self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and deepening the connection to one's values, desires, and authentic self. It goes beyond purely rational thinking and encourages your students/children or clients to access their emotions, intuition, and inner knowing to make decisions and navigate their lives.


A Heart-Based Coaching Journey emphasizes creating a deep connection with oneself and living in alignment with one's heart's passion. It aims to support them in cultivating a sense of fulfillment, joy, and authenticity in their personal and professional lives.

Proudly following and upholding
the tenet of


A few Questions to ask yourself before getting started.





If you answer one or more inquiries, message us so we can keep you posted for our next Complimentary Life Coaching Class.

If you resonate with any of these situations,

program is tailored just for you. WELCOME!

  • Do you have some challenging loved ones and are thinking about how to facilitate the relationship effectively? 

  • Are you a parent who wants to learn other parenting strategies?

  • Do you want to have a part-time job? 

  • Are you a professional wanting to add COACHING SKILLS to your toolbox? 

  • Are you a community leader wanting to have leadership skills in engaging with diverse people?

  • Are you retired and looking for something unique to spark your life in a fulfilling way?

  • Are you considering building a LIFE COACHING business and becoming a CERTIFIED LIFE COACH?

  • I want to nurture my inner self to be strong inside and outside.

  • It's about time to honor my life purpose.

  • I embrace my work because time and location are irrelevant as long as I have my computer, phone, and internet.

  • I dream of becoming an independent earner and my Boss. 

  • I want to connect with people in other parts of the country or the world. 

  • I honor personal and professional growth. 

  • I value service by making a difference in the lives of others.

  • I yearn for a positive and supportive community in my personal and other areas of life.

What are the benefits that appeal to you pursuing LIFE COACHING?

  • The International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified all our HBC Trainers. ICF is the guild for all Coaches worldwide.

  • It is an interactive online workshop, a small class, with two Facilitators and a Zoom Manager in every session. 

  • The rate is low compared to other training schools. It includes an Orientation, seven Modules, three Individual Mentorships, a Group Mentorship, a Coaching Performance day, 24/7 online materials, and HBC Support On and Off Training.

  • It's feasible even if you are in school or working. In just seven weekends, for four hours each session, you will finish your certification in about two months. 

  • Post-training, there will be a once-a-month call to continue practicing HBC skills, learn marketing, and hear other coaching perspectives from coaches in different countries.

  • As long as you are part of the HBC Community, support is available from the Admin and other HBC members. 

  • We aspire that you would care and serve effectively as a heart-based person and Certified Heart-Based Coach (CHBC) wherever you are, from your home or neighbors to schools and the local community.

Why is our HBC Program unique?

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Please read some of the Testimonials on the website, and if you want to ask the people who have undergone the training, please contact any of them.

Life Coaching Training and Certification

(Certified Heart-Based Coach)

ようこそ、このクラスはあなたのためです!コースには 7 つのモジュールがあります。 1 日 4 時間、週に 1 つのモジュール。

モジュール 1
モジュール 1
モジュール 1
モジュール 1
モジュール 1
モジュール 1
モジュール 1

Heart-Based Coaching (HBC) の概要。保護者、教師、その他の専門家を含む参加者にとって価値が証明されているプログラムです。


HBC は、A から Z までのコーチングに必要なすべてのコーチング スキルを教えます。

強力な質問をする。 HBC の最初の基盤は APQ です。 

コーチは好奇心旺盛でなければなりません。これを行う方法の 1 つは、自由回答式の質問をすることです. 

聞いている; HBCの2番目の財団。






直感; HBCの3番目の財団。



マインドフルネス; HBCの4番目の財団。


コーチとしてナビゲートする方法は 2 つあります。マインドフルネスとは、誰かが感情的にチャージされているときにコーチングで使用するスキルです。練習を通して. 




ALIMA モデル;モデルやその他のコーチング スキルの練習。

21sd (3).png
21sd (3).png
21sd (3).png
21sd (3).png
21sd (3).png









Copy of ALIMA Method Definition_edited.p

ALIMA の詳細については、クラスに参加して認定を受け、  力を与える喜びを体験してください。




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