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Complimentary HBC Online Class


Free registration now!
First come, first serve.

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An opportunity to attend a Complimentary Online Coaching class!
Discover communication, teaching, parenting, leadership, and other Heart-Based Coaching Skills.

For Teachers and Parents, we all know there is no bible for parenting and teaching. One strategy might work for one child, and the same strategy might not work for another one. We can use many skills to empower our kids to engage, play, and communicate effectively using Heart-Based Coaching Skills. 

For Young Adults, navigating daily life is challenging. The most that you can support yourself is to learn who you are and take care of your Domains of Development; PEMSS + HWWN = Self/Foundation (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Social, Spiritual, Health, Wealth, Wellness, and Nature (natural abilities).
We invite you to our live online class using Zoom.

For Leaders, energy is contagious! One particular area of your leadership style is listening skills. Engaging and making your team active shows your empowerment skills. Join us and learn or remind yourself how to become a true Heart-Based Leader!

This fun, interactive 90-minute workshop will show Parents and Teachers, Young Adults, and Leaders the power of Heart-Based Coaching! Register now!
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