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True Colors (TC)
Myers-Briggs in colors

True Colors is a personality tool based on the Myers-Briggs indicator. This system was created by Don Lowry in 1978 in California. Learning True Colors means a great understanding of one's personality and strengths. Thus, you can easily accept and communicate by engaging with their values, beliefs, and style. 

The reason miscommunication and conflict are so common is that each of us has our personality type, and it has a tremendous effect on how we interact with other people. 

So, if we’re all so different, how can we successfully live and work together?

True Colors (TC) is a transformative process of self-discovery.

Each of us has our own style, preferences, and ways of operating. So how can we all work together? Participants explore their own distinctive personality strengths and stressors, learn to respect and appreciate differences in the ways people function, and lays the foundation for relationship building, effective communication, and team building.

This transformational process of self-discovery, increasing their self-awareness and understanding of others, driving engagement, cooperation, collaboration and ultimately productivity.

True Colors tool is best to use in Coaching clients, understanding family members, students, peers, leading team players, and serving the community.

Imagine having a client, family member, friend, or peer with a different personality than yours. True Colors will allow you to communicate effectively in a way that resonates with each personality style. It will showcase your empathy, understanding, and high emotional and social development. 

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True Colors is now in educational and professional settings for team building, communication training, personal development, coaching clients, and understanding peers and family members. 

The True Colors model categorizes personality into four primary colors, each representing different characteristics:

  1. Orange: Adventurous, spontaneous, and creative. Oranges are often energetic and enjoy taking risks.

  2. Gold: Responsible, organized, and detail-oriented. Gold's value structure, rules, and stability.

  3. Green: Analytical, logical, and objective. Greens are on problem-solving and intellectual pursuits.

  4. Blue: Compassionate, empathetic, and relationship-oriented. Blues value harmony and connection with others.

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