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Updated: May 26, 2023

We recently did an in-person event at Burlington School in Los Angeles. Parents attended the workshop on Parenting Skills using Heart-Based Coaching and learned the three ways to listen to their children.

The school asked me to offer training for parents on how to discipline their children. It might be the parents' inquiry, and that was why the Director asked me about the possibility of this particular workshop topic. As a parent, I hear the Director and the parents.

Carlyne Kohner discussing about Parenting Skills.

The idea that we want to train our kids to obey rules, using punishment to correct their disobedience, is what the dictionary tells us about Discipline. It might work today or tomorrow. However, this strategy might cause fear in the child or not trust their parents. Parents also missed the opportunity to establish a good relationship with their children.

I explained to the Director that, as parents, we could benefit from learning parenting skills using Coaching tools. It will be light and fun for parents to practice listening actively and participating when children ask or communicate. She approved.

Here are the three Ways to listen to our children and family members.

  • HEAD-BASED (I) - you are listening from your head, and it's not about the child or the person you are talking to but about yourself and your agenda.

  • HEART-BASED (YOU) - you are listening from your heart, and your heart is in the right place. Also, you listen in 100%, focusing and mining the information your child is telling you. It's all about the child, not you.

  • GUT-BASED (WE) - you are using your intuition and accessing all the things - the child's mood, the geography, the child's need and want at that moment; you are mining 360% about the child, you, and the environment.

That's how we did our interactive, fun, and alive workshop. These pictures are some of our activities in our workshop.

DYAD Coaching activities

In the wisdom of Coaching, there are so many parenting, communication, and leadership skills from A to Z. With that note, I invite you, teachers, and parents to have these skills in your toolboxes.

Here is an opportunity for you Parents and Teachers. Sign up here for our complimentary 1-hour Fun Coaching:

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